Tonight’s class we worked on movement with breath and turning the senses inward to how our body feels inside out… the only way that matters.

Bumble Bee Breath (Brahmari) is a meditative breathing practice to help us focus on sense withdrawal. Once our senses aren’t connected to outside stimulation we have a much better chance of witnessing truthfully our inner world and treating it with kindness (satya & ahimsa).

We focused on spinal mobility, opening and closing with front-opening spinal stretches. These are heart openers and help to elevate our moods as well as ease breathing.

I am honored by your presence and would also welcome your comments on what worked, what didn’t and how you felt after tonight’s class.

May your week bring you experimentation, observation and joy at whatever your findings may bring. Here’s to living “like a lion, completely free of all fear.” Namaste. cb

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