Greetings & sunny salutations! This will be our o…

Greetings & sunny salutations!

This will be our only post for August, with all the travel and new projects afoot I thought I’d take a rest from writing and recharge the imagination.

While we’re not meeting every week, there are classes and ideas in the previous blogs you can use to continue your practice – on & off the mat!

Remember: movement with breath and smiles. If you can’t smile and breathe with it,
it’s not yoga.

For the NVSC group, I thought I’d share with you the blurb I sent to Community Yoga of Albuquerque (CYA) about our class this summer.

Thanks for being there… and I look forward to seeing you again Sept 5th at NVSC
and Sept 12th at the EPC. Namaste – cb

“On Tuesday afternoon at the NVSC a growing group of wellness minded
seniors meet for an hourlong hatha yoga class focused on movement with alignment
& breath. Typically we spend the first 10-15 minutes on breath cultivation
& awareness, having played w/ three part yogic breathing, ujayi, kumbacka,
viloma, nadi sodhana & bumble breath w/ yoni mudra. We’re also exploring the
bandhas in breathing and motion. Some spinal & shoulder stretches follow,
leading into strength & core building in standing positions. We’ve had some
amazing examples of growth in balance and openness, and the group is remarkably
supportive of one another. Backbends emphasize low back care & hearts that
shine out. Simple forward bending and gentle inversions with an emphasis on
safety as supporting exploration end the active portion of practice, before the
much loved release in corpse pose. “

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