This cycle begins with Love

If love is the unnameable encompassing which allows opposites to co-exist and mutual others to be aware of their sameness, then love is what I seek, and love is what I find.

My life is held taught by opposites, and the truth is that it’s begun to wear me out.  But the other truth is that as grinding as the underbelly can be, as crude as suffering can make us, I still feel priviledged to have a part in events that I would have referred to when I was a philosopher as “liminal.” Birth, death, fear and real grappling.

So, yoga is union, resolution of opposites. Perhaps I’m just where I need to be. In the midst of intense effort I find remarkable peace. By hugging muscles in, I can find freedom of expression. In suffering, I can find witness.

My yoga practice is fed by the mat and the cushion, but it really does expand to include all of me. Today, I’ll put the uniform back on and take the calls, whatever they might be. And I’ll witness the moments wash along. And I’ll return to the mat, to another DownDog, another Handstand, another Warrior flow. Another breath. Another embrace.

Yoga is love, truth, beauty: here, now.  Sometimes to become conscious of that I have to fall out of realizing it, of feeling it, so the synthesis can happen all over again for me, for my awareness.

Here I go, leaping off into the arms of love…


5 thoughts on “This cycle begins with Love

  1. this came from yogajournal today and seems appropriate:

    Perspective on Perfection

    In Sanskrit, one of the words for perfection is purna, usually translated as “fullness” or “wholeness.” Indian yogic texts tell us that everything in this world arises from and is contained inside one single energy, or shakti. This energy is always full, intrinsically complete, perfect, and joyful. What’s more, it is present in all forms, thoughts, and states of being. That one energy is as much in the dirty dishes in your sink as in the notes of a Mozart violin concerto or the violet eyes of 19-year-old Elizabeth Taylor.

    When we are in touch with that energy, all dichotomies—light and dark, good and bad, male and female—are resolved, and all apparent imperfections are revealed as part of the whole. To celebrate this amazing fact, in India, a “fullness” mantra is frequently sung after auspicious events. Translated into English, it’s “That is perfect. This is perfect. From the perfect springs the perfect. If the perfect is taken from the perfect, the perfect remains.”

  2. and this from a more authoritative guide: Patanjali, Sutra I.33

    “By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward happiness, compassion toward suffering, delight toward virtue, and equanimity toward vice, thoughts become purified and the obstacles to self-knowlege are lessened.”

  3. I needed this…perfect end for today…it was a good one but I always question myself on things…something I have to work on…many things I have to let go.

    I posted about my activities today when you have time to stop by

  4. I think that in one very significant way or another, we are all just where we need to be. There is so much to learn and grow from in any situation. You will find it. You will grow in love, I’m sure.

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