Foot Connections

Feel your legs to find your feet. Sometimes the same old instructions just don’t take us anywhere new. “Find the four corners of your feet.” “Roll forwards and back, side to side.” “Lift and spread your toes.” Ok, after we’ve done all of that, sometimes I still loose my connection to my feet! I think that’s because all those instructions are just about the feet. 

Yoga’s about connection, right? How about we use the legs to find out about the feet. So, do this standing up and then again lying down.

Press down on the ball mount of your big toe. Excellent. Pulse that: modulate your pressure to create sensation. Now, bring your mind into your inner calf and thigh (pay attention there). Notice where you feel muscular movement. Now, contract just those muscles like you mean it.

Do that with the inside of your heel. Then the ball mount of your little toe, paying attention to the outside of your leg (you’ll also notice some changes inside). And, finally, of course with the outside of your heel.

Now, in Warrior II, notice where your back foot touches the ground. Play with the muscles you found in the above exercise and feel how different you can make your arch.

Notice in balance poses and inversions how the muscular action of the small muscles of your legs can draw energy in through your feet and create stability.

Here’s to happy feet! send me your favorite instructions about feet in yoga class and remember to practice: love, truth, beauty: here, now.


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