every day?

Well, yes that’s the plan. So there’s this whole thing in the spiritual disciplines about not having expectations in order to let things be as they are and not over interpret them. Of course, the struggle is caused by the fact that in order to be transparent enough to yourself to be relatively expectation free, well, that takes a lot of work. So you have to, um, set expectations.

So, every day? Well, no, I haven’t lived that. I’ve thought about it every day 🙂 And I just came from the yoga mat & wondered, “Why didn’t I do this the last two days?”

Because, Steve Ross is right & it really is all yoga. You see, my husband & I work crazy opposite schedules and he’s stunningly understanding because some twisted part of me loves weekend nights. But sometimes we both just crave some blissful, no expectation, do what’s in front of you rest, relaxation & whatever time. So, we had two whole days off together and we did nothing of merit.

We watched two movies – Two! in bed! eating chips and drinking soda! We saw Nacho Libre (highly recommend it) and Notes on a Scandal (worth it! great writing, acting & Judi Dench – how can you go wrong!). We went plant shopping together. We slept an obnoxious amount.

And I loved it. Now that’s yoga, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “every day?

  1. I like Steve Ross…I NEED to get up in the morning and do his workouts…he’s the guy from Oxygen’s INHALE, correct!? Anyhow, I was just checking in before Namaste Yoga on FitTV…thought I would say hello!

  2. Isn’t it nice to just let go some days and just follow what your body and mind wants to do? Doing NOTHING considered “worthwhile”, esp with your loved one, can be energizing!

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