One of the reasons to take a class, is to get the teacher’s voice & rhythms & attitude in your head.  I’ve been taking my own class from myself for months now, sort of my way of letting my own voice settle in. I sometimes do podcast classes for inspiration, but usually shut them off and play on my own for the rest of my time on the mat. I’ve been teaching about a year now, and I think my voice is settled. I’m ready to take someone else’s class!

I taught my class today after some playtime on the mat and I’m really grooving on the vinyasa thing, the flow and the structure. It’s so easy to build toward an idea and still maintain connection between parts. Meditative.

It’s a luxury to take a yoga class, isn’t it? It’s active faith. You don’t know what’s coming up, or for what you’re being prepared, but you dive into each & every moment letting the next wash over you like waves and getting just as caught up in those. Ahhhhhh! Here’s to going to yoga class!

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