Sivasana: quiet bliss or gentle guidance?

Going to someone else’s class was the best thing I’ve done in a long time.  So nourishing. Can’t replace home practice, but I’ve been missing out by not supplementing. My partner (work… I’ll always call my husband my husband) was telling me my tank was on empty and my dan tien (sp?) was low – he’s an ex-massage therapist.  He was right. 

So here was one of the things my monkey mind came up with during class: as a student, I prefer a silent sivasana (corpse, or final relaxation at the end). A number of my students, however, have requested a guided meditation for sivasana, to help them tame the monkey. What do you prefer and why?

BTW: sivasana in the class I took was blissfully, artfully, and just plain fully silent.

5 thoughts on “Sivasana: quiet bliss or gentle guidance?

  1. I use a bit of quiet music at home, but in class the instructor usually does a guided meditation. Since I only go to class once a week, it’s a nice change from my usual. Also, I find that on days when my mind is stubbornly holding to its chatter, if I imagine the instructor’s voice doing the intro to one of the meditations it helps me quiet down.

  2. It differs a lot for me. Lately I’ve been doing the Zencast Guided Meditation, the one with the Secret Garden and I really achieve a state of full relaxation. I love it, but it may become boring soon. Sometimes asana practice is enough to calm the madhouse and I go for Sivasana.

  3. Oh for me its no question. I like to end a class with corpse pose, it just what I need to relax my body and center my mind for Zazen (I always follow my Yoga practice with at least a few moments of meditation).

    I’m not big on guided meditations in a Yoga class. Its just a personal issue. I have my own meditation practice (Soto style Zazen) that works for me and sometimes I find I’d rather just be sitting than following a guided meditation. But, this is do to my own religious/spiritual path. . .students that don’t have a specific style of practice may benefit from a guided meditation.

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