contentment and stress

Elsie’s theme for this week’s class ( “Learner’s Inherit the Earth” spoke deeply to my ongoing struggle to find what I’m called to do. I’m working with Samtosha – contentment – and trying to discern whether the appropriate application is to find contentment in what I have – which is pretty great in a lot of respects – or to pare down to find contentment in simplicity.

 Part of what I like about this class is that she does unexpected things like different side facing poses on different sides (don’t worry – she balances later in class ) ) and she talks about moving from the strength of what you know with clarity into the unknown. And every yoga pose, every yoga class, every moment (see Ram Dass quote below) is an opportunity to see and be anew.

So how this works out for my current conundrum: Do I learn contentment by surviving stress and taking those skills to a gentler place to face new challenges, or do I strive to find contentment in the midst of my current situation, which I find challenges the edges of my tolerance?  If I go to greener, sweeter pastures, am I running from the very thing which could grow my soul the most? Or, am I taking the best care I can of the gifts I’ve been given?

Guess it’ll take a few more yoga classes, more meditation, some walks by the ocean and maybe not thinking about it for a while to decide that one. Thanks, Elsie, for deepening my understanding in this struggle by your teaching, and for giving me new perpective and tools for peace.

Peace, love & understanding for us all.


4 thoughts on “contentment and stress

  1. Wow…great job at deepening the questions 🙂 The answer to your question…is…BOTH 😉 I’ll let you mull about with that one. But of course, if anyone has the ‘answer’ remember, question it, deepen it and find out what really is in your own pocket 🙂

    thank you so much for listening, and I’m deeply honored that you took the time to do a little post on your meditations!

    have a joyfull and inspiring practice! See you on the mat!

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