A little shot of realism….

Shockingly (only to me), two yoga classes a day plus teaching plus a full time job plus my family is too much! I do have to admit that with the idea in mind I’ve been more focused and actually been on the mat quite a lot, so the plan was not an entire goof. But really, who did I think I am?

So, in the interest of maintaining my home practice, which feeds everything else, I’m focusing on Bikram this week. I feel a bit guilty and disloyal to my studio… a feeling partially dissolved by writing those words.

So I’ll go to a later class today and spend my morning with my home practice preparing to teach. I really should get rid of the mean coach in my head who thinks that blinding focus, grinding schedules and deprivation are assets. 

I did notice last night that my teaching is being affected by my new interest. I’m focusing on stillness and muscular activation more, and sequencing based on wringing & flooding actions. All to the good, I think. 

Off to my mat!


One thought on “A little shot of realism….

  1. I think I’ve located some of the appeal of the mean coach: when I met myself on my own mat, in my own space, with my own inner teacher, I was unfocused and craving so much. By going to classes I avoid this. By teaching I am invited to witness this, and by just being I can begin to care for this. But to care for it begins in being it, feeling it, all of it. I loved Gartenfische’s blog today because it gracefully reflects this struggle. For me it’s to soften and stand firm at the same time.

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