Backwards Under the Top

What is your favorite backbending asana and did you work to find yourself in it, or was it always natural to you? Leave me your thoughts in a comment, please.

I love backbends becuase they work with the deep structure of the body so organically: it’s just because they’re incredible back strengtheners that they’re powerful chest stretches and heart openers. The reason is just that the back of the chest is only the front of the back & visa versa. The forms invite us to explore the non-duality of our own bodies and to play with how we meet ourselves.

My current fave is Natarajasana, Dancing King Pose. At one time, I thought this was the most advanced pose I could imagine and couldn’t see my Self in it. Now, I enjoy the play of forces, compressions and taughtness that allow me to fly… until I fall again 🙂 which is ok too. There’s a lot of freedom in falling, and information if you stay conscious during the process.

Next week, the classes I teach will be organized around backbending poses (never fear! (an instruction on its own) we will end with inversions and you can work on headstands Vanessa and Dave!) Because backbends really do work on whole body integration we will be warming up every part of the body gently so that we can burst forth into bloom from a steady seat, enjoy the sweet blossoming.  Happy yoga!


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