Gratitude Activates Life

On the PRI Radio program Human Kind ( this morning, they interviewed some extraordinary  people on the practice of gratitude. One, Brother Rast, made an ontological statement that really struck me deeply:

Gratitude activates life.

One of deep quests allowed by the abundance of our Modern lifestyle is the quest to find and embrace what makes a life lived well different from a life of drudgery, and it’s clear from our modern lifestyle that the answer isn’t money, it isn’t access to resources and it isn’t busyness.

It may have more to do with individual recognition of our access to resources, and this may indeed have a lot to do with gratefulness for what we have in our immediate environment. Perhaps this does activate a peace that allows for openness that allows for expanding our vision and recognizing all that is around us, all that is open to us, everything available for our care and interaction.

 Things I am grateful for right now….

my lovely, loving dogs

my wonderful, amazing husband

my messy house

all the unfolded laundry and the washer & dryer

the internet

yoga, my body, my mat, my studio

all the books

the radio and the people at PRI & NPR

Marva, my IPod & the podcasters

being a paramedic, my partner, my equipment, drugs and the whole system that allows us to bring help to people in need, even the radios that are driving us crazy right now

the amazing people I work with

my garden, the overabundance of sunflowers, cosmos, roses, bachelors buttons, the bees on the oregeno, poppies, the tomatoes that are coming, the basil growing with them


the bathtub, and the water to fill it and the heater to make it oh so lobster pot hot – and the luscious bubble bath

the kitchen, the food, the time to prepare it

filtered water

jasmine green tea

………………………… and the ability to feel full, to find peace in emptiness and to put this into words.

What’s one thing you’re grateful for right now? Leave it in a comment… or go back & blog it! Most of all feel it, notice it… how does  it make you feel?

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