I am the luckiest person in the world.

In the midst of crying, in the midst of undone house chores, unwalked dogs, undone yoga all competing for my next action…

My garden: hundreds of yellow sunflowers, purple cosmos, blue bachelor buttons and magenta morning glories….

And a brilliant goldfinch gracing the cosmos, nimbly feasting on the little creatures crawling there. 

What great good fortune the universe brings.

4 thoughts on “Fortune

  1. I thought hard, before writing a comment.
    I want to caress your pain and sit with it…
    Thank you for sharing… for all of us to read…

  2. thank you for sharing with me.
    She’s no longer here to write to, so it was like sending it out to the universe, proverbial message in a bottle.
    Death is always, always personal.
    I see a lot of people die, and i’m never untouched. But death…
    never an event, always personal, a personal confrontation with the universal. The end of time, of meaning, of stories of sharing.
    Entry, perhaps, into the universal.

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