Uddiyana Bandha

I’ve been working with a breathing practice related to uddiyana bandha, the abdominal lock in which you compress your abdominal muscles as far back to the spine as possible and draw the diaphragm up and under the rib cage emptying the lungs as completely as possible and retaining the breath out.

With the method I’ve been using you then pump the abdominal muscles in & out while retaining the breath out. You relax the abdominals and diaphragm before drawing breath in.

 I’m experiencing many of the same emotions I found in camel a few weeks back. They’re not as overwhelming this time because of the work I did in Ustrasana.

I no longer identify the feeling as fear… I’m not sure I have a word for it yet. It’s definitely an edge, but an edge I can work with consciously. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

2 thoughts on “Uddiyana Bandha

  1. I’m still trying to understand these locks (understand with my body, not my mind). I think that’ll come with time and practice.

    I’m really interested in the emotions different poses and practices bring up…

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