some of the searches that led here yesterday:


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Lovely dogs, get on your knees, bow your 1

I think my favorite is the lovely dogs as I’m surrounded by them. I’ve looked on the internet for a camel pose quote, to no avail…. but I do wonder what it is.  I also wonder whether feet jeans thumb was looking for hitchhiking information…

 In other non-sequitorial news…

sometimes yoga begins with just sitting quietly. Sometimes this feels like a revolution.


3 thoughts on “some of the searches that led here yesterday:

  1. Looking for a space that I can share my views and concerns about older men like me who have a hard time with yoga because our muscles and skeletens are set up and hardened by life. I’m intimidated by the youthfullnes of the yogic comunity. Full of energy and life. I practice at home in my own closed off space, yearning for community. I try to gather and teach my friends the joys of being able to just move without pain. But, it’s like I live in a different world. I stumbled in here with a little hope that someone is actually here.

  2. There are a lot of us here … some older and tighter, some younger. Some of my most dedicated and beautiful students have been seniors and my father does yoga to support his running and acheives records in his bracket. Yoga is poses working on us, not us working on how we look in poses. I’m glad you’re here! Yoga on!

  3. Wow, In all my 64 years I have never been able to be really good at anything except yoga. And I didn’t find it untill, or it found me, 10 years ago . Yoga has saved me from being an old man.And I need to share my passion with others. Thanks for being home for me.
    Jia john

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