You’ve got to be frigging kidding me.

 Two women, two different calls. Both, both apoligized to me. For taking my time, for being a bother, for needing something. Really? This is the way our world works? This is the way my world works? You’ve got to be kidding me.

You’ve got to be kidding. One was raped in front of a group of other people. One was coming off a bender, in her own apartment, not admirable, not proud, but in need and not having harmed another being.

Both of these women wept, averted their gazes, showed angst, shame, and at the end…

Apologized for needing help, thanked me profusely, surprisedly, for being nice to them.

Really? This is how our world works? People who are at their lowest, most hurt and wounded, people who have hurt no one are surprised by humanity. And the rapist, the derider and the just plain skater, they act as if my attention, your kindness and our resources are their due.

Really? Is this what we’ve meant to do? Is it? Really?

Not me.

2 thoughts on “Uncle.

  1. When people ask me the inevitable, “What’s the craziest, most awful thing you’ve seen?” question, I know they’re looking for accounts of horrible, bloody, disfiguring trauma, but it’s experiences just like what you describe that follow me home from work like little trolls perched on the roof of my car. The broken bodies don’t cling to me like a persistent sewage smell; the broken people do.

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