Smile Award :)

smile-award.jpgAw, Shucks!

I have been honored by Treehousejukebox 🙂 So now I get to pass it on…. the best part. I am humbled, given the sometimes dark mood of what I share here, that anyone would honor me in this way. Thanks for getting me. Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing your blogs:


ram dass

rolf gates



(ok, so the ram dass link isn’t to a blog, but it’s one of the places i go for smiles, so check it out!)

And now… I know I only am supposed to recognize five, but I only just now found this one, and I love it: justmakingitup  . just freaking good.


4 thoughts on “Smile Award :)

  1. I never check my incoming blog links but was playing around with it today and noticed this. Thank you so much for the smile award! It means so much! I’ll try to nominate some others very soon! Namaste. 🙂

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