Why Private Lessons?

Have you ever become a loyal student of a particular yoga teacher because of that teacher’s adjustments? I certainly have. Sometimes, the way a teacher guides your ribcage in Trikonasana or gently adjusts the spiral of your shin or covers your ears in Sivasana is worth all the effort of going out of your way.

Or perhaps you really crave some yoga but want a restorative, contemplative atmosphere that you know you can get at home.

Or perhaps you are away, don’t know the studios in town or even how to get around. Who wants to blow a yoga bliss buzz on traffic in a strange city? Let the teacher come to you.

Or perhaps you’ve been reaching for that extra openness that will allow you to bind in Parsvokonasana. Would you like some personal, expert assistance, a coach by your side, designing a practice just for you, your goal, your day, and then adjusting it as you proceed tailored just to your moment?

Investigate private lessons. Some teachers come to you, some have you come to a studio. Start with a teacher you know, or a studio with a solid reputation. Ask about the teacher’s experience & certification. Ask the teacher what they think yoga is and consider whether their answer accords with your aspirations. Listen to your gut when you talk to them. Feel free to set ground rules for adjustments if you are new to them. Tailor your yoga lesson to you and find the next level.


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