Gong Bath

Last night my husband & I attended a Gong Bath at YogaNow! here in ‘Burque. If you’ve ever felt like the glue holding your atoms together in their randomly beautiful orbital clouds was being dissolved and swallowed by a god of transformation (possible with several mind altering sorts of experiences, including yoga) then you’re on the path to understanding what a Gong Bath is. Wow.

I go every time he’s in town & I can get the night off. This time he was scheduled for Thursday, but somehow that got re-scheduled for Sunday – Lucky me! So we made it a date, had some decadent sushi, a lovely red zin & then went to the studio to roll out our yoga mat & blanket & turn our very existences over to the man with the mallet.

The gong itself is made by Paiste, evidentally a very well respected maker of such instruments, and is tuned to the vibration of the earth, and reportedly of creation – 137.1 mHz – also aum, and so vibrates at multiples thereof. As if this weren’t cosmic enough, he starts with tingshaws, moves on to Tibetan Singing Bowls so by the time the gong begins you are already riding a bliss wave. The Gong then becomes wave like and crescendos at an intensity that generates what feel like reinforcing waves over the body. The top layer sounds like percussive melody, the sound crystal stones would make if dropped in soothing pools of liquid gold. Underneath – and by this point in the experience it’s easy to miss – is an almost white-noise-like vibratory wave that you more feel than hear. Rudis, the gong man, describes the effects of this as “radiation” and notes that this is where the deep healing comes from.

Here’s what I know for sure: this guy’s a magician of the first order, a healer of embodied souls and I’ll be at the next Bath with bells on!


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