seven random yoga things

I hesitate to write this because it reifies little oddities about its subject, and what I adore about yoga is the freshness of it. But this is a yoga blog, so here goes…just know that anicha operates here! so these are true as I write them….

1. I first remember doing yoga with my Mom when I was  three. My part was more like corralled acrobatics, but in my mind I was doing yoga!

2. I have no favorite pose.

3. I have very very tight shoulders. I work on this a lot but haven’t found my key yet.

4. I like doing yoga to Beastie Boys instrumental music and the Chemical Brothers. I’ve learned my students don’t always share this love.

5. My favorite yoga philosophy book is the Pratyabijna Hridayam – Splendor of Recognition.

6. I get very irritated with shoddy yoga philosophy.

7. I’m currently working on binds… which is why my shoulder tightness is on my minds. I think I’ll just leave that last word plural, vrttis n all.


4 thoughts on “seven random yoga things

  1. I too have tight shoulders and use yoga to help loosen them up. I have not yet found a way to completely get rid of the tightness, but I fear what it would be without yoga.

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  3. Hi, Linda. I think any philosophy is shoddy when it doesn’t touch darkness with gentleness and make subtle, meaningful and useful distinctions. I find it troublesome when real issues of pain, deprivation and injustice are ignored or glossed through. And I am in disbelief when yogis apologize for relying on or using logic and rational argumentation.

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