Obstacles to Practice: Perfection

Intention is a powerful guiding force. However, sometimes we get our ideas mixed up with our intentions and then the ideas stand in the way of manifesting the very intentions from which they grew.

We intend to practice every day. Then we wisely think about what that means.  We imagine, we set up schedules and guidelines. And then when we can’t meet the schedules and templates, feelings of inadequacy or futility can overwhelm us. And the intention dies, or goes dormant.

So here’s an idea: think about what it means to practice yoga every day in terms of how it will make you feel. That’s all. Imagine a single down dog or warrior or balance. Imagine a single breath seated in repose. Over at becomingayogi.blogspot.com, she reports on the amazing feeling of drishti – gazing at her toe in a forward fold. That moment, being in it. Now, go practice and see what you find! Accept what you find, embrace it, have compassion for it. As Thich Nhat Hahn says “Darling, I care about this pain.” A moment is all it takes.

8 thoughts on “Obstacles to Practice: Perfection

  1. Me, too. This morning on the way home from work I was listening to a radio interview of Silvia Boorstein, a meditation teacher with thirty years experience. I took it to heart when she said that after thirty years she has the same insecurities, internal dialogue, lust, frustration, she just relates to it differently. She says she catches the interuption earlier and is more inclined to say, “Sweetheart, you’re in pain.” She says the “Sweetheart” is very important :>

  2. Thanks for your comment & for being here! Your essay on regularity is incredibly clear and really useful. Analysis is a great tool for identifying the joints of a problem, which ways they can move and how we can intelligently manipulate them to create the experience we look for. And I think perfection has everything to do with Spirit manifesting in multitude ways, so I believe we are both moments in the perfection of something more encompassing, something beyond inspiration or analysis: Being. Thanks for Being.

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