Happy New Year!!

So how’s yours going? It’s New Year in March here at the Love, Truth, Beauty: Here, Now home. Why? Well, because I took the first two months off, because we’re past Chinese New Year (I just threw that in…), and because among the reviews I have for you is a reflection and Oprah! sponsored discussion of Eckhart Tolle’s newest – and best – work, A New Earth.

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Did you enact a resolution? Do you abhor resolutions? Do you thrive on the intensity of making them? I didn’t resolve any one thing myself, but I reflected quite a bit on what they are and why they seem powerful.

To resolve is to unify, to simplify. To resolve a dilemma is to reach a new plateau of understanding. And of course we make resolutions about things which are difficult for us. It is the appearance of dilemma, of the need to make a bianary choice, the illusion of duality that prompts the intensity of resolution.

What if, instead of willfulness and overcoming energy we allow ourselves not to try. Stop Trying. Cease Effort. Is there possible in this moment an opening in which true resolution can occur?

I believe it is this radical sanctifying of our consciousness of the present moment which Eckhart Tolle has found a way to not only describe in his book, but to invoke. To create through the experience of reading a revolutionary breakthrough into the wisdom of the present. Revolutionary because it changes our lives, our relationships to our lives and livlihoods, and revolutionary because it must be chosen, allowed, again and again.

I’ve stated elsewhere that bliss is the birthright of all sentient beings. I believe that Tolle’s new book – and Oprah’s webcasts and discussion groups inspired by it and led by the two of them – are powerful tools in the awakening of this revolution.

I hope you’ll join us, here and over at yogaguide.gather.com to share your personal revolution.

Power to the people: Love, Truth, Beauty: Here, Now.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Here’s the schedule of web events and how you can claim a front row seat from your home!

    CLASS SCHEDULE (all classes begin at 9pm/8pm c)

    Monday, March 3rd – The Flowering of Human Consciousness
    Monday, March 10th – Ego: The Current State of Humanity
    Monday, March 17th – The Core of Ego
    Monday, March 24th – Role Playing: The Many Faces of the Ego
    Monday, March 31st – The Pain-Body
    Monday, April 7th – Breaking Free
    Monday, April 14th – Finding Who You Truly Are
    Monday, April 21 – The Discovery of Inner Space
    Monday, April 28th – Your Inner Purpose
    Monday, May 5th – A New Earth

    Reserve your seat today.
    Visit http://www.oprah.com/anewearth to sign up. Get ready to be awakened.

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