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  “Why do you run towards that which you have never taken a step away from?” ~Dogen


Entertain for a moment, maybe more: you are already whole. You are what you seek. Whether it is health, relaxation, wholeness, beauty or wisdom, you have never lost it, it has never left you. We all forget sometimes, but yoga is – beyond asana, beyond breathing – the constant renewal of our commitment to remember.  Those moments of clarity, of vacation repose, weekend relaxation, of being overwhelmed by the beauty of your child, the mountain or flower are proof that you live in a world of abundance, consciousness and wholeness bigger than the stressors of the moment – no matter how large they are. There is something more encompassing, more engaging: consciousness, awareness. And you are conscious awareness. You are greater than the affairs of the moment when you bring your conscious awareness to the present moment.

Yoga class each day or each week is time to take care of  your body, to learn new things, expand your mind. But it is also a reminder to return to your self, each and every moment.


New yoga class times – different locations!

Sunday evening at YogaNow! 6pm, stay after for Sangha, chanting and mediatiom  (Sangha extra: suggested donation of $10)

Starting 5/17: Saturday Morning class at YogaNow! 7:30

Starting 5/19: M-W-F Morning classes at Ripple Effect 7:00 

Starting 5/30: Friday Slow Restorative at YogaNow! 4:15


Send me your yoga class wish list!

I’m adding classes and locations starting in late May. I already have some newly scheduled classes listed above, but I want to know about your dream class: time, place and format. Be as general or specific as you want!

off the mat: 

car yoga: first of all, Smile! relax & remember it’s all yoga! Did you know you can use your car’s steering wheel to help you remember and learn how to lift your breastbone? It’s a heart opening exercise, so perfect for the often stress inducing highway: With your hands at 10 & 2 (remember, from drivers’ ed?) lightly press your palms into the wheel and straighten (not lock) your elbows. Feel your arm bones seat into your shoulders more firmly. Feel your shoulder blades firm against your back. You’re already doing yoga! Now, with this stability, raise your sternum towards your chin. Feel your shoulders effortlessly melt away from your neck and ears. Relax  your temples. Finally, firm your abdominal muscles back toward your spine and even out your midback.  Don’t you feel gorgeous?! Breathe….                                                                                                    

You can do this against a wall at work for a stress buster, and when you are on the mat practice in plank pose. 

A New Earth:

 Eckhart Tolle’s newest book is called A New EarthI have been asked to host one of the discussion groups for his ongoing web class in conjunction with Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club. You can find my official site at with articles and comments. You can write your own article and respond to others on this website as well as join the live discussions held Tuesdays on (you do have to be a member… it’s free to sign up). I’m leading discussion this coming Tuesday, April the 8th at 10am MDT and then again Tuesday , April the 22nd and 29th 5pm MDT. 

Of course you can always check in on yogaeveryday. for my reflections on reading and daily practice or for class and practice guides.

Asana of the week

Urdva Hastasana as part of mini salutations: Begin in Tadasana (Mountain) with thumbs pressed to heart. Relax your temples. Exhale, drop hands. Inhale, circle hands up, out and overhead: Urdva Hastasana, Upward Hands pose, keeping the arm bones securely snug in the shoulder sockets. Relax shoulders away from ears. Now, whatever words, thoughts, images or emotions distract you from being present, imagine breathing them out. As you exhale, bring your palms together in front of you, draw them down your midline back to your heart, cutting, like a knife, through your cloud, dissipating it. See how you feel. Repeat three times. 


Pranayama of the week:

 Bellows Breath:   Do this from Tadasana. After taking three conscious three part yogic breaths, Inhale fully, expanding your low abdomen. Begin forcefully exhaling by compressing the low belly back towards the spine rapidly, allowing the inhale to happen passively between exhalations. Start  with one pump/exhalation per second, moving to two as you gain comfort and establish a rhythm. Stop if you are dizzy or uncomfortable.  Energizes, cleanses, awakens.

My mission is to inspire and support you in your daily yoga practice. Relax! Remember, It’s all yoga: you’re always breathing. Sometimes you even know it! For questions, comments, to find out more about practices or ideas mentioned here or how you can get more yoga into your week, call me, Christine Stump, at 505-506-0136 or email me at Namaste.


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