Surya Namaskar in the morning!

I’ve been playing with an idea I found in FitYoga this month and It’s bringing an old sense of playfulness back to my mornings. Simply this: twenty minutes of  Sun Saluations – Surya Namaskar – each morning. It’s wonderful! It’s highlighting a sort of musical aspect of yoga for me – there’s a theme and variations, a chorus for structure that allows for playful riffs in between.

Try it tomorrow morning – or right now! You can throw in twists to celebrate spring (I think I’m working on a twist class, myself), you can play in plank with Vashistasana, you can throw up your hind leg in down dog for a one legged, maybe flow into pigeon pose. Always connected to the breath, always in the flow and rhythm of you: Love, Truth, Beauty. This is how I find it here, now.

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