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“Why do you run towards that which you have never taken a step away from?” ~Dogen

New yoga class times – different locations!

Sunday evening at YogaNow! 6pm, stay after for Sangha, chanting and mediatiom (Sangha suggested donation of $10)

Starting 5/17: Saturday Morning Mixed Level class at YogaNow! 7:30

Starting 5/19: M-W-F Morning Mixed Level classes at Ripple Effect 7:00

Starting 5/30: Friday Slow Restorative at YogaNow! 4:15

Send me your yoga class wish list!

I’m adding classes and locations starting in late May. I already have some newly scheduled classes listed above, but I want to know about your dream class: time, place and format. Be as general or specific as you want!

off the mat:

Office Yoga: Shoulder stretch

I use this one against the ambulance, but it’s equally as easy with any wall or doorway.

Simply face the wall with one arm out, parallel to the floor, palm towards the surface.

Peel your opposite shoulder away by engaging your abs,

Begin to turn your entire torso by stepping your feet wide to a right angle to the wall.

Align your pelvis and ribcage, turning your feet only as far as you can open your shoulder.

Breath, Smile and Feel.

Take at last five deep breaths at your maximum edge before turning your attention to your other side.

Asana of the week: Shoulder Opener

Extend one of your arms straight up from the shoulder and bend it at the elbow, hand behind the head.
With your other hand, apply gentle pressure on the outside of your elbow toward your head.
To increase the stretch, hold a sandbag in the hand behind your head,
or improvise with a plastic bag full of canned goods (not too full!)
Stay for a minute or more, breathing, feeling your neck release all the way down between your shoulder blades.
To complete, bring the other hand up your back from the bottom, holding your weight or joining fingers after a minute or so.
This is the arm position for cow face pose. Feel the openness across the front of your chest – your heart –
and breathe expanding the back of your body.
Feel the unity created by the various oppositions in this luscious pose!
Pranayama of the week:
Alternate Nostril Breath: Find a comfortable seated position. Drop into your three part yogic breath.
Using your right hand, curl your pointer and middle finger into your palm, rest your thumb against your right nostril. Inhale through the left, close off the left nostril with your ring and little finger. Release the right nostril and exhale through it.
Rest for a moment before inhaling again through the right nostril, close it off with the thumb again for a moment before releasing the left nostril and exhaling. Pause a moment before inhaling through the left nostril again, beginning your next cycle.
Start with three cycles, rest in three part yogic breath and try a cycle of five if you feel like it.
Balances opposites, calms and energizes in concert.

A New Earth:Chapter 8

Eckhart Tolle’s newest book is called A New Earth. I have been asked to host one of the discussion groups for his ongoing web class in conjunction with Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club. You can find my official site at with articles and comments. You can write your own article and respond to others on this website as well as join the live discussions held Tuesdays on (you do have to be a member… it’s free to sign up). I’m leading discussion this coming Tuesday, April the 8th at 10am MDT and then again Tuesday , April the 22nd and 29th 5pm MDT.

Of course you can always check in on yogaeveryday. for my reflections on reading and daily practice or for class and practice guides.

My mission is to inspire and support you in your daily yoga practice. Relax! Remember, It’s all yoga: you’re always breathing. Sometimes you even know it! For questions, comments, to find out more about practices or ideas mentioned here or how you can get more yoga into your week, call me, Christine Stump, at 505-506-0136 or email me at Namaste.

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