Personal Practice Guidelines

Getting ready for workshop tomorrow, buffing my handouts, and thought that these reminders might be just right for the blog. Just writing them is helpful to me, it’s amazing what we need to remind ourselves on a regular basis 🙂 Hope this is welcome reminder for someone out there!

Personalized Practice Guidelines

·         Feet on Mat (ok, maybe behind, or hands, or even your head!)

this is the yoga equivalent of “Just Do it.”

·         Compassionate boundaries for time, energy, what comes up

·         Breathe, and move with the rhythm of your breath

Opening your practice

·         Begin observing your breath in a relaxed pose: Steady & sweet.

·         Set your Intention, Sankalpa

·         Match your practice to your breath and body in the moment

·         You can always evolve as you proceed!

·         In general, warm up (cat-cow or sun salutations)

·         Let your warm up suggest a “pinnacle pose” or poses: the hub of the wheel of your practice

·         Work in towards your hub from various directions or “spokes”

·         One spoke would be increasingly vigorous shapes (eg: mild->more intense backbends)

·         One spoke would be major muscle groups: pecs or quads, for example

·         One spoke would be major joint groups: shoulder or hip openers

·         One spoke would be chakra work: poses that affect the solar plexus, for example


·         Kinds of poses: standing, sideways facing

·         Standing, forward facing

·         Standing, twisting

·         Standing balance (really, they’re all balance! So standing one-legged)

·         Forward bending

·         Backward bending

·         Seated

·         Reclining

·         Arm balances

·         Inversions

·         Always end with savasana… final reclining repose. Enough time at least for the breath to refine, the mind to settle, boundaries of the body to dissappear, even for a moment.

Mix & Match!

·         Balance poses with counterposes

·         Move with intention

·         Move with breath

·         Work into poses: explore your breath with your movement,

Explore your movement with your breath

·         Rest whenever your breath becomes erratic, difficult to contain or you feel strain in the neck, face or jaw

Practice Gratitude to yourself for making it to the mat, even for a minute, for your abilities and your life which has brought you to this perfect moment.

Remember yogapose is preparation for breath exploration and meditation.

Consider gifting yourself and the world with one or both after savasana.

Thank you for your presence and your practice.

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