6 week Blog Series on Beginning Personal Practice

There are amazing things going on over at LunaPresenceYoga, ones in which you can participate no matter where you are! (Julie, CYT & RYT & blogger extraordinaire is in Cleveland, I believe)

Six weeks ago Julie started a series on Instituting a Home Practice, a personal passion of mine as well! She is smart, informative, supportive and the photos alone are delicious treats of everyday art. She is adept at offering places to practice your yoga on the week’s theme whether you are a beginner, advanced practitioner, injured, exploring … where ever you are, she’ll meet you there (she even says so in her bio πŸ˜‰

As I tie things neatly in a bow before leaving for my yearly galavant, I’m pleased to direct you over to her series. I’ve just read through it again and am inspired for my own practice.Β  I have my treeyogaΒ sling for yogically playing with the trees and my newest set of yogapawsΒ so I’m set for adventures both internal and external. This is an especially sweet galavant as half way through I’ll swing through Duke City to meet up with gorgeous husband man and we’re driving to San Diego where I’ll learn to surf (or at least begin πŸ˜‰ the morning of my 40th Birthday! I’ll report back end of August, so til then I’ll see you in that place where you are you and I am me and we are One, the heart the hub of all sacred places: the mat. Yoga On.