Bow Down & Open Up

Sometimes, most times in fact, the best way to address large projects is to take up the small things. Starting a business? Do the small, unsexy boring things first. Working on a relationship? Do the simple things and watch truth and love break through the cracks. Working on an asana? Check your feet, your alignment and your breath, make sure you can smile, set your eyes free.

Listening to Lara Hedin of YogaPeeps interview Sofi Dillof of Bow Down Yoga this morning reminded me that my focus is always best centered on the small things. Wake up breathe, smile, stretch. Practice. Be Kind. Everything in between is not only negotiable, it depends on these other small things.

I hadn’t heard of Sofi ’til this morning over my coffee & peaches. She introduced me to new things about Jivamukti, things that’ll make me take a second look. I’ll definitely be listening to her podcast. I’ve been a fan of Lara’s ‘Peeps show since my first listen and wholeheartedly recommend it for inspiration, community, reflection. She interviews the most amazing people and her own growth as an interviewer is organic, with great integrity.

Time for me to attend to the small things. May all your small things be great doorways to truth.

One thought on “Bow Down & Open Up

  1. This was a good reminder for me. I have been struggling with a few things and this just gave me some great insight. Sometimes it is just the little things that can move you forward.
    happy fall

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