Cool Media to Inspire Your Practice & Your Life

Yogis need yoga, teachers need teachers and bloggers… need bloggers!

Here’s one I discovered today & I just love Davidya’s title “In2Deep“. “Basic Skills” is an extended reflection on attention & intention, but what grabbed me was the opening. She spoke to me where I am, reminding her readers that when our influences feel unsupportive, our attention can change our influences and that support is a breath away.  Speaking of a seemingly unsupportive “culture,” she says “it’s more a boogy than a monster.” Indeed, our focused awareness contributes to our culture and our support.

This next one is my current obssession: The Zen Brain Lecture Series. Time to get your geek on, and I mean seriously. If you’re not scientifically minded or not in a space where you can concentrate, pick something else. These are some smart people – neuroscientists, pathologists, researchers, journalists – reviewing recent research and making hypothesis and reporting on results of experiments with meditation. It’s about way more than Zen, or Buddhism. It’s about being a human being. This gathering in January was influenced by the gatherings initiated by the current Dalai Lama, during which leading lights come together to discuss the intersection of science and mindfulness. Goldmine for inspiration as well as confirmation that your yoga mat & yoga butt are “worth it” as well as some ideas to expand your notions of “mind” & “body.”

And finally, this on HumanKind this morning over our local public radio station, KANW: An interview with Bernard Lown, a Nobel Prize winning doctor speaking out for healing as part of the medical “model”.  His voice, stories and wisdom regarding the role of compassion in well-being are deep and touching.

4 thoughts on “Cool Media to Inspire Your Practice & Your Life

  1. Thanks for the reference, Christine. 2 little things. I’m a he. (laughs) Davidya is a nickname. Secondly, I plan an Addendum as I left a small but important aspect out.

  2. i was wondering if you were the one on the picture just beside the title page everyday yoga. Honestly, you made me energetic. Its probably the yoga vibe you have. You’re voice make me think of how you look like.. Thank you for your time talking to me…..

  3. Hi Isaiah! Thanks for the help with my RSS feed to my website at, and thanks for visiting 🙂 No, that’s not me, a sweet, generous friend at gifted me that logo when she included me on her site, for which I am ever grateful. I’m not sure who the pic is! BTW, the Yogi from Manilla is at Remember: every breath is yoga! Namaste

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