Align to Center: Revolve and Evolve

Welcome to our new home! I’m still living yoga every day, and wanted a new focus for writing, and a fresh start with the tags. When I started writing 6 or 7 years ago at yogaguide & yogaeveryday, I often reflected on how my  job as a Paramedic rippled my mind and grew my soul, alongside the occasional sequence. I’ve blogged through an assault, the death of a friend, teacher training, injury, healing and marriage.

Everyday life will always be at the heart of what you find here, because that’s where I find yoga matters the most. It’s always fabulous to find myself in a pose I’ve never found before, but what keeps me coming to the mat is everything off the mat: traffic, meetings, relationships, students, movement, keeping my mind open to the beauty of the sky and the mountain.

Here at Align to Center, you can expect to find yoga-focused writing, not always technical, but always revolving around finding, living and breathing from the center. Sometimes the best way to find center is play in the field at the edges, exploring the perimeter and gingerly hugging in, finding what’s there more than anticipating. Dancing, spinning, sitting and feeling the way to the center of experience, where the core of one body and consciousness is indiscernible from the silent source of all.

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