I don’t know about you, but I can always find “one more thing” to do before I leave my desk or exit my office. I was half an hour late to a meeting last week because of the “one more things.”  Things that might awesomify the work we do can seem endless, and the better we are at it, the more we see the array of betterification open to us. So we make ourselves late for that massage or worse yet totally skip yoga class because this one last thing will put the cherry on our sundae.


Endless lonely beach

This gives me the feeling of “Enough.”(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Enter “conditions for enoughness.” I listened to this podcast, called “Creative Joy Teleconference and Twitter Party” from Karl Staib over at Party BizConnect (will you leave me a comment about that name, please?) in discussion with Jen Louden and Marianne Elliot and found the most lovely notion (about 9 minutes into the podcast). Like the ideas in my last post, they’re simple. Crazy simple. Which is why they have a shot at working. I’m a fool for Jen Louden’s work, so I can’t believe I haven’t run into this yet, but perhaps the conditions in my heart were perfect just now to actually catch this nugget of goodness.

YOU get to set your conditions of enough. I get to set my conditions for enough. Especially if you make your living in any part on the internet (and who doesn’t these days???) you can always check one more thing, find one more idea, do one more search. But each of the one mores is a choice to give up something else, and often what we give up by engaging the one mores was far more than what we found by pushing.

When I decide what will be enough for a day or an hour or a session before I start, I get more of the things that actually nurture the creativity that the one mores act like they’ll nurture. The truth is that after a certain point, creativity isn’t based on more information, more research or more feedback. Rather than reaching for more, I’m going to start sending my future self notes about enough, notes that will create that elusive “container” for creativity referenced by therapists and coaches worldwide. And for now, that’s “enough.”




2 thoughts on “Enough

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  2. I was just toying with this the other day- the idea of what is enough and how enough gets eaten away and redefined by everyone who we interact with. What’s enough for me, may not be for my boss, or my colleague etc. I like your reminder that we can set our conditions for enough-ness. Thanks.

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