Crow Walking

One of my secret weapons before the hip replacement was a version of

Waves in Motion During Sunrise at Carlin Park

No relation to the article, just a beautiful photo. Waves in Motion During Sunrise at Carlin Park (Photo credit: Captain Kimo)

“windshield wipers” that I learned in Pre-Natal certification from Jacci Reynolds.

Begin with your sitting bones pressing into the surface beneath you, feet in front of you a little wider than hip width, knees pointed to the ceiling, supporting yourself on your hands, behind your hips. Rather than allowing the chest to collapse back and the shoulders to shrug up, keep your sternum lifted and your neck long. On an exhale, drop the right knee in toward your left hip. Inhale, knee up. Exhale left knee drops in. Inhale up.

Don’t do this if you already have a posteriorly placed hip appliance. I used this for pre-surgical hip pain with reduced range of motion, and Crow walking helped tremendously to maintain my range of motion despite pain and degeneration leading up to the surgery. This motion introduces a subtle twist, prompts core activation and by coordinating the movement with the breath allowed me to explore non-weight-bearing motions that wouldn’t have been accessible on my feet due to lack of cartilage. The motion gently stretches muscles and keeps the joint lubricated while allowing for planes of motion usually too painful to engage in the situation I was in.

In prenatal application, Crow walking is a great help for warming up and cooling down, a great beginning hip opener, and begins to create sensation and connection to the pelvic floor.

8 thoughts on “Crow Walking

  1. That is a nice hip opener :). The crow walk though – Mum used to get me to do it as a kid, and I didn’t like it then, and now – it’s just too hard on my knees!

    • Cool Mum 🙂 Just playing?

      I’m curious about it hurting your knees… this hasn’t occurred for me or students yet. Does it matter how far away you place your feet? Where do you feel it? Thanks for the feedback!

      • No, yoga teacher 🙂

        Hmmm. I’ll play around with it. I have been having some trouble with my right knee – I think it’s because it is taking the pressure off my tight right hip.

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