counterpose to camel

Our Noon class had as its pinnacle Ustrasana, or Camel pose. It’s such a vulnerable position, baring our underbelly and heart, making an offering of ourselves. We led up to it through Sun Salutations and the Warrior series, a very traditional class.

Our counterpose throughout was Balasana – Child’s pose. Sometimes very active – elbows and armpits raised, pressing down through the thumb side of the hand, the hips descending toward the heels – sometimes quite passive, surrendering and releasing.

Counterposes neutralize the effects of the preceeding pose, usually the effects on the spine. Thus, counterpose to backbends – forward folds. To twists, the other side. And, of course :), visa versa.

Given the courage required to bare your center in Ustrasana, Balasana is a natural returning to center, curling in, effecting singularity, a seedlike position, ready to spring forth, trekking on a journey of the soul.