Yoga of hidden goals, redux + applied

There’s a beautiful book launch today over at Curvy Yoga, where the name of the game is “body positive yoga,” which you might hope would be a redundant phrase.

For that reason, I was fascinated with the interview Roseanne highlighted in her blog post over at It’s All Yoga: a quick (11 minute) chat about photo-shoots, body image and loving life with Kathryn Budig of ToeSox ad fame.


(Photo credit: aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR)

Budig sounds like so many of us reflecting on our vulnerability and body image (deeply intertwined) and a million yogis who depend on their practice to sculpt their image of a yoga body. The interview (11 minutes) didn’t allow for deep exploration of the junction where external and internal judgment meet, much less our collective concept of “goddess body” (can anyone say Venus of Willendorf?)

Deutsch: Venus von Willendorf

Deutsch: Venus von Willendorf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess that what this short conversation reveals is that there are many possibilities rattling in our collective consciousness.

What the juxtaposition of this book launch and this interview say to me is that there are plenty of hidden goals rolling around in many of our assumptions about yoga, bodies, health and beauty.

Brava for Guest-Jelley (most especially today) and for Budig for putting it out there, for Roseanne over at It’s All Yoga for asking the question.