Yoga Sutra Conversations with Jenni & Kate

Picking up in the middle is the fate of all humanity. We always wake up, when we awaken, in the midst of a life, a breath, a sentence and the trick (which is the opposite of a trick) is to continue being awakened for whatever we find. Well, I’ve been blessed to awaken to a conversation among yoga teachers on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a foundational text for yoga practice in which Patanjali gives instruction and advice primarily on preparing your character & your mind for the transformation that yoga brings about. He wrote sometime between 2 centuries before the common era (200 BC or BCE) and 2 centuries after (AD OR CE).

The only thing he has to say about physical postures is that Yoga pose is steady and sweet, which is sometimes translated as comfortable. Like the Buddha, to whom he is sometimes compared, he emphasized the importance of preparing ourselves through reflection on our everyday life & actions & gave really practical suggestions and encouragement on how to sweep away the obstacles to clarity, discipline & enlightenment. He even tells us that we can change the world in contemplating our own heart’s true light… but more on that in a later post 🙂

Please meet Jenni & Kate, if you haven’t already. You’ll be glad you made their acquaintances 🙂 Kate is a yoga teacher in the ViniYoga tradition who teaches and practices in New Brunswick, Canada. We also share our careers & histories in Emergency Services – she dispatches for Emergency Services in her area. Jenni is also a ViniYoga teacher who practices and teaches in Denmark. Every weekend we’ll each post a reflection on the Sutra, working our way through all four books. I’m excited & priviledged to part of this beautiful experiment!