You are This Beautiful Place

As I was resting and recouping one day, allowing the mind to empty and relax (it wants to, you know :), I realized…

I am just in this really beautiful place.

I am in this beautiful place.

I am this beautiful place.


Beautiful Place.

You are, too.

Writing Challenge: Emotional Vocabulary

Look here for the challenge, which is essentially to spend five minutes, no holds barred, listing every emotion nameable, imaginable, haveable by you, right now. GO!

grumpy, sad, happy, facile, uninterested, blasee, intrigued, sparked, amused, intrigued, antisocial, unhappy, offended, embracing, joyful, mad, on fire, angry, furious, sorry, apologetic, down-in-the-dumps, charged up, jazzed, excited, miffed, indifferent, outraged, playful, flirtatious, coy, unsure,investigative, foot-stamping-mad, foot-stamping-happy, full of hugs, smiling from ear to ear, ready to let loose, on the edge, peaceful, still, calm, open, ready, grateful, forgiving, steady.

There’s my five minute list. how bout yours?

from the searches…. "the reason of hand and leg bending"

“the reason of hand and leg bending”

For one,

the reason of hand and leg bending is muscles.

Nerve impulses sent to muscles

to contract and release,

ions releasing and traversing

allowing Z plates to rachet together,

release one another, to come together again.

But why the impulse? why the message?

Isn’t this always the question?

Perhaps it was a flower, or a baby,

perhaps a shock leading to collapse in tears,

legs bending, hand to face, shoulders sob.

or maybe it was longing, deep and elemental,

the one meditation and observation

hasn’t yet uprooted,

the one underlying some of the stickier joy in life.

Or maybe it was the jitterbug.

for dancing, hands and legs bend.

Or maybe it was for the pure, clear joy

of hand and leg bending just so they can release,

And bend again.