"everyday 20 minutes yoga is good?"

Yes! This question comes up almost every day in the searches that lead here. And that’s the whole reason for this blog: to say, “Yes, yes, yes! Yoga Every Day!”

And 20 minutes is brilliant. Maybe you pick three poses to work on today, or this week. Or five. It doesn’t matter. Make sure you have Savasana before you leave your mat so you can distill the essence of what you find there and carry it forward into the rest of your day and night. Maybe one day you do all pranayam, another is all mantra and yet another is all Sun Salutations. Beautiful! Answer the call of your embodied bliss – Sat, Chit, Ananda (Being, Consciousness, Bliss), Sanskrit: सच्चिदानंद.

Perfect in the moment….

What if “Perfect” = “present in the moment & unjudged”?