Every Two Days

My husband said I should call this “If you don’t go to yoga class, you’ll probably die alone.” While you may meet someone at yoga class, I want to motivate you to get your yoga on every couple of days to build awareness, strength and connection. Now, I am a yoga teacher, so I don’t mind if you come to class every two days. But you can take Tree pose in the grocery line, do DownDog in the park and follow it up with Camel against a tree to bring your mind back into connection with the heart and body any time.

You create your muscles and your body and your body contributes to your consciousness which determines how you move and create your muscles. And your muscles are “remodelled” every two days.

The remodelling process happens first by breaking down the structure that you used and then by rebuilding it to meet the demand again. Each part takes about 24 hours. So, in 48 hours you have new muscle. But then if you don’t use it, yep, you guessed it, you start to loose it. In about 2 weeks significant loss will occur.

So, if you feel like you’re treading water in your practice, try busting out your favorite moves from class last week while your waiting for your coffee. You’ll notice a difference in the moment and    in a few days and  in class next week. And, hey, you might just meet someone who notices you  doing yoga!  (information drawn from Julie Gudmstead’s recent article for Yoga Journal Online)

Sunny Salutations!

Happy & Prosperous, Peace-full New Year to Everyone!

We ended last year confident in our new ability to move in a gentle version of Surya Namaskar. In a world we know will bring us newness, change and challenge stability is created through consciousness.

I invite you to make Surya Namaskar a part of your daily practice. As a remarkably complete exercise for stretching and strengthening, it also engenders openness of heart, groundedness, lightness, shining, reaching – all the seemingly opposing qualities we seek to fully integrate our world, our work, our practice, our emotions and thoughts, our joy and suffering. Allow your practice, your yoga to be your touchstone for awareness. Cultivate your witness consciousness through this amazing practice.

Yule Yoga

I am honored and endlessly pleased by our classes together, and extend my deep gratitude for your wisdom and presence as we finish out this year. Our biweekly classes have gotten underway at a new time and our new routine seems to support and connect us.

Months ago, at the end of summer, we began to learn Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutations. Feeling like a forgein dance step, it cast us into our doubts and uncertainties in and about our bodies, our space and our minds. This last class we collectively swam through Surya Namaskar as if it were our own private, familiar swimming hole! What a tremendous emblem of transformation for each one of us, and what a gift to take into the cool & dark end of the year, into the freshness of each new moment symbolized by the New Year. You are each one and collectively amazing!!!

As we take a two week break to honor the efforts of our lives, I have some resources to share. I will have tomorrow at our last class of the year a CD I’ve made of the Sun Salutation we’ve done in class as well as an extended Yogic Relaxation to go with your Savasana. Perhaps this will inspire you to practice your own yoga, in your own way, in your own space, with or without the words on the CD. If you aren’t at class tomorrow but have been a regular yogi at any time this year, I will leave a copy of the CD at the front dest of the North Valley Senior Center for you to pick up whenever it’s convenient.

I’ve also found this website you might enjoy perusing
http://www.silverageyoga.org/why.php. I did, and think they have some valuable insights and programs.

Remember in every moment, in all you do, in everything you are
you are present, you are free, you are whole.

In gratitude, in peace and in celebration
I wish for you that
you are free from danger
you have mental happiness
you have physical happiness
you have ease of wellbeing.

(The part of me that is sacred and universal recognizes and smiles to that same part of you)