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Yule Yoga

I am honored and endlessly pleased by our classes together, and extend my deep gratitude for your wisdom and presence as we finish out this year. Our biweekly classes have gotten underway at a new time and our new routine seems to support and connect us.

Months ago, at the end of summer, we began to learn Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutations. Feeling like a forgein dance step, it cast us into our doubts and uncertainties in and about our bodies, our space and our minds. This last class we collectively swam through Surya Namaskar as if it were our own private, familiar swimming hole! What a tremendous emblem of transformation for each one of us, and what a gift to take into the cool & dark end of the year, into the freshness of each new moment symbolized by the New Year. You are each one and collectively amazing!!!

As we take a two week break to honor the efforts of our lives, I have some resources to share. I will have tomorrow at our last class of the year a CD I’ve made of the Sun Salutation we’ve done in class as well as an extended Yogic Relaxation to go with your Savasana. Perhaps this will inspire you to practice your own yoga, in your own way, in your own space, with or without the words on the CD. If you aren’t at class tomorrow but have been a regular yogi at any time this year, I will leave a copy of the CD at the front dest of the North Valley Senior Center for you to pick up whenever it’s convenient.

I’ve also found this website you might enjoy perusing
http://www.silverageyoga.org/why.php. I did, and think they have some valuable insights and programs.

Remember in every moment, in all you do, in everything you are
you are present, you are free, you are whole.

In gratitude, in peace and in celebration
I wish for you that
you are free from danger
you have mental happiness
you have physical happiness
you have ease of wellbeing.

(The part of me that is sacred and universal recognizes and smiles to that same part of you)



In Sanskrit, /ah – nee – chuh/. You know the old saying “Don’t like the weather? Stick around. It’ll change!”? That’s anicha. Meditating on this concept can both ease hardship and encourage us to relish the singular delights of each moment. Either way, this particular sensation, feeling or attachment will cease to be and we will be in another, so get to know this one, in this moment. Dive deep, experience fully and don’t hold on: this rollercoaster doesn’t have safety restraints. The only way you can fall off is to hold on.

On that note, our schedule will be changing. We’re making class longer, adding a second class each week and making our Tuesday time later. Beginning the first of December, class will be held for an hour and a half from 3:00pm til 4:30 pm each Tuesday and Friday.

I also wanted to get this web address out to one of our community who asked for poetry and writing connections: http://www.poetz.com/nm/ You’ll find events here, and through those you’ll find a wealth of information.

Change. During the holidays we often become sentimentally attached to what has been or what we would like to have been. Consider whether a happier response might just be to treat these holy days as sacred – whatever tradition you live in. And the sacred demands a response from us as we are now, in this moment. To whatever guise it’s taking right here, right now.

Dive In!!! Namaste.

7/25 class – part 4

7/25 class – part 3

7.11 Endorphin Power Company Class (Part 1)

7.11 Endorphin Power Company Class (Part 2)

fine tuning

Greetings once again! Remember to click on the JPEGs, they’ll get bigger & easier to read.
Peace & Smiles – Christine


Hello! The post below contains the stick figure representation of our entire June 20th Class at the North Valley Senior Center. A number of folks have requested my class notes to help them practice over the week, so this is one more way to get the information out. Remember the alignment points we pay such close attention to in class. Always remember that your breath is everything: move with it & to it. Don’t get ahead of your own breath. Where breath goes, attention and intention follow. And always remember to SMILE! You are beautiful just where you are at right now.

Let me know how this works for your viewing.

You’ll notice I’ve posted multiple versions, if you scroll down. I’ve been experimenting with how to format and how it appears, as well as how long it takes. This new JPEG format is the best I’ve found for the variety of purposes it serves. The earlier posts contain more information and you may or may not wish to peruse. In the future I’ll post the JPEG and then other information will follow in smaller packets.

This is a real learning experience for me & I would love to hear how the blog serves you now and what you’d like to have come through on it. And since we’re on hiatus for two weeks, I’d also love to hear how your practice grows…. on & off the mat.

And finally, here’s a quote from The Splendor of Recognition, the book I’ve been reading while the blog uploads files. It struck me as perfect for the moments of creation that went into this blog this week: “…the multiple layers of manifestation happen simultaneously, whether or not we’re conscious of them.” (p. 79)

Happy manifesting! Namaste, Christine