Music and Yoga

Email buzz at our studio today focuses on the role of music in practice. What role does music play for you? How do you prefer classes – with, or without? And what kind? Kirtan? Electronica? Hip Hop?

The buzz began when I left a review copy of Cyndi Lee’s Om Yoga Mix 2, reviewed on my other blog, and emailed the other teachers.  I played it for my class last night, but thought it would be fun and interesting to get other teachers’ and students’ reactions for a final review.

The first response opened up a really deep and lovely question: What is the role of music if the point of practice is to go within, meditatively expressing asana, using concentration, focus and fosterinng pratyahara, or sense withdrawal?

Great question! My repsonse was that we are never really in outward silence, so it seems to me a question of awareness  what sounds we choose. Other responses included using vibration as a yogic path and a musician’s awareness.

What’s yours? How do you use – or abdure – sound in your own practice?  Leave a comment and let’s expand this discussion of sound, sense and union!