We're All Citizens

“Yoga” means “union”.  Today in the United States of America we vote for who will lead our union for the next four years. Whatever you think of the last 4 – or 8 – years, whatever you think of our war, our economy, our taxes or our infrastructure, you have a voice today. Excercise it. Then remember to exercise yourself. Breathe deeply, look next door and remember that the neighbor with the McCain or the Obama sign is … just like you. Just like you, a citizen. Just like you, struggles with fears, lacks, limitations.

That’s the deep challenge of our yoga: to remember that whatever the face of the “other” is, it’s not so forgein. It’s a mask, just like our own, animated by consciousness just like our own.  When we are aware of watching our thought, aware of our awareness, we approach our true self, our self beyond personna, beyond affiliation and beyond name. In this self, we really are the same. This is what we recognize with Namaste.

So maybe as you’re exiting the polls, watching the returns, overhearing conversations of those with whom you do not agree, you can whisper a quiet “Namaste” to yourself, to remember our basic sameness.

We are all citizens and we can remember this, whichever side of McBama we stand on. Tonight, I’ll be leading community yoga (Guerilla Style!) for Reds, Blues, Greens and Libs and everyone in between and around. Tonight, I want to remember that we all breathe the same air, we all walk the same Earth, we all have the same access to consciousness, we all have the same potential for awareness. We all struggle with the same demons, just the little faces change. Much like Halloween, our foes and fantasies can occupy our minds, or we can acknowledge them, give them what they need, and remember how small they are.

We are bigger than our hopes and fears. We remember this each time we assume an asana, becoming the Eagle, the Warrior, embodying Dogs facing down, up & Sages facing sideways. Maybe you can use your yoga to remember your wholeness and bring that to your community. Bust an Eagle at the polls! Remember your wholeness, the wholeness of the citizen next to you and the wholeness of our communities from small to large. Now that’s Yoga!