Stand at the top of your mat….

That’s it. Just stand, but stand with everything you have. Stand intentionally. Stand in your own arwareness.

I’m putting out a challenge to us all: students, teachers, sometimes yogis and gee-I’ve-been-thinking-about-trying-that-at-home folks.

Once a day, roll out your mat (or, if you don’t have one, clear out a space in the living room or on the grass). Stand. In Tadasana (Ta-Da!) (mountain pose).  That’s it.

If you feel like bustin’ out  some moves from that last yoga class or video, knock yourself out. If you feel like putting on a podcast, look up Hillary’s or Elsie’s (they’re on wordpress).

Breathe, pay attention to bandhas, hug your muscles to your legs, center your rib cage over your pelvis. Connect to the floor through your feet. Notice and play with the position of your sternum relative to your shoulders. There’s so much to do right here.

I’m doing this to to encourage us all to meet ourselves on the mat regularly. Leave a comment & say how long you want to join the experiment. Leave comments on your experiences.

Unroll your mat, unfurl your heart, unleash your voice. I bow to you. Namaste.


Ever wanted to practice outdoors? But maybe you don’t want to go on an elaborate excursion. Maybe you’ve just wanted to unroll your mat on the grass & indulge in sacred movement. Maybe you’ve wanted to have a facilitated class, so you could just surrender to the flow – Tapas with Ishvara Pranidanana.

Ta Da! (or tadasana ;)Here’s your chance! Let me know where your park is and I will bring class to you! An outdoor yoga party! All you need is a park with a relatively large, clear green area and two friends who will attend with you.  I’ll bring the oranges for after class. Email for appointments:

Lotus Blessings for us all. Namaste.