Yoga Adventure

An image of the ruins of Pueblo Bonito in Chac...

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be in that photo? You know the one…. Warrior on a rock plateau overlooking miles of desert badlands. Or Tree Pose in the midst of a forest blanketed in wildflowers. Or Fierce Pose in the middle of nowhere, miles of sky, fresh air and sand. Meditating near ancient petroglyphs, where you can feel the reverberations of layers of civilizations.

To get there, sometimes you have to travel. I can guide you, to the camping, to the gourmet camping food (we’ll bring that with us) and to the flat ground where we’ll have class. Private workshops twice a day, guided meditation, campfires, hikes and a massage tent. You’ve never known relaxation like this before. Hot springs along the way will melt away your day to day. Camp fires will illuminate a different part of your soul. Sunrise will fill your eyes and night sky open your heart.

To find out about next years’ excursions in the desert SouthWest, write to me at transformationjunkie at gmail. I’ll be seeing you on the mat!

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